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#1 2016-05-25 20:30:45

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80's Style Gated Drums

Have you considered adding reverb for gated drums, or would you suggest we just run it through the DAW's mixer and add the effects there?  I suppose I could just make another drum kit with reverb added and alter the length of the sample?

It's not necessary if you weren't considering it.  I've been doing it in the DAW but just thought I'd ask.


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Re: 80's Style Gated Drums

Hi omac, welcome to the forum! More effects is something that's been requested and would be handy to have. It's a bit outside of Poise's current functionality so would be difficult to add. Anything that requires changing the GUI is being put off to an eventual Poise 2.0 version. I'll keep it in mind.

Anything else I can help with?


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