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#1 2016-03-18 20:42:41

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Poise bugs/issues

Hi Shannon, couple of bugs and some small issues (personal preferences maybe):

I don't mean to nag, because I love both Poise and Grace. Just trying to make it even better. smile

1. I've got the start and end points mapped to my Maschine via midi. Issue: The Start and End points jump when zoomed in. They jump to the zoom frame, so you'll loose the point you had if you forget to zoom al the way out. When working with samples that are longer then 2 seconds this is cumbersome.

2. When dragging in a sample on a pad that already has a sample assigned, the sample is added in a new layer. Would be nice to have it replace the sample by default. Maybe with a keycombo for add to new layer? (shift drag?) Or have the option to change the default of this in the preferences.

3. When rendering a pad to ram (truncate on most samplers) the pad cut and cut by settings are lost. Also the padlink settings.
Would be cool if you could make a midi cc (or keycommand) for render pad to ram.

4. Keycommand shift+enter replaces the sample on a pad, all settings stay the same except for the Amp Env, it's reset.

5. The pitch knob changes in increments of a semi-tone when use with a mouse. When midi assigned to a knob on a controller (Maschine in my case) the pitch jumps aren't in semitones, making it unusable. 


6. Pad-link links both ways, both pads trigger each other. There's no master and slave type relation. Would be nice to have 1 pad trigger both and the other trigger only itself when it's set to padlink-none.

Nr1 and nr 2 are the most important to me, but the others will also speedup the workflow.


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Re: Poise bugs/issues

Hi Bathmutz,

No don't worry, you're not nagging. It's good to know what's working for you and what's not. Thanks for reporting the issues. smile

1) I'm not sure if there is a way to fix this. Controlling sample sample points via MIDI is kind of pushing the limits of MIDI as it is. How would you like this aspect of Poise to work?

2) Drop the new sample on the waveform display. That will replace the current sample.

3) This is a bug and has been fixed. The fix will be published in the next Poise update. Subscribe to this thread for updates on the issue.

4) That sounds like a bug. Testing here I can't reproduce it right now. It may have been fixed as a side-effect of fixing (3). Let me know if the bug persists once the next version is out and we'll fix it then if it does.

5) Fair enough. I'll consider changing this in an update, depending on how much work is involved. I'll need to look at the MIDI automation code.

6) It's probably too late to change this now. This behaviour has been baked into Poise for a couple years now. I don't like to change functionality once it's been in public use for a while. It breaks backwards compatibility.


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Re: Poise bugs/issues

Hi Shannon, thanks for the answers.

1. I don't mean jumpy like steppy but for example: When the start points is at the start and you zoom in to the end of the sample and then move the startpoint (via midi) the startpoint jumps to the zoomframe (near the end of the sample). What I would like is have the zoomframe go to the points instead. Or just not be able to change the points once they are out of focus because of zoom.

2-5. Great, thanks!

6. Ofcourse, I understand.


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