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#1 2016-03-07 21:34:38

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Poise n' Reaper again

Here are some screenshots of an error I had recently.
I think I only had one instance of Poise loaded in my project and nothing more,
im not sure, but 100% no Grace there.
Poise was organized in group of tracks, includning 4 outputs. Three of them had an
instance of T-Rex Classic Compressor loaded.
The error occurred when I was changing presets of one of the compressors.
Before that, I did a lot knob-tweaking in Poise while playback playing, which seems
to me is one of the reasons of the problem (it slows my comp a lot). It's worh
mentioning because I had a similiar impression in case of the Grace bug I reported
on the Forum. … 1.png?dl=0 … 2.png?dl=0 … 3.png?dl=0


#2 2016-03-07 23:48:49

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Re: Poise n' Reaper again

Thanks for reporting this CZeka. I'm looking into it now.


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