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Poise Hot Keys

Poise Hot Keys

Arrow keys: Navigate the browser.
Enter: Load selected items in the browser to the currently selected drum pad.

Drum Pads
A,S,W,D: Change the selected drum pad.
End: Trigger the selected drum pad.
Tab: Change the sample layer mode for all selected drum pads.
CTRL+A: Select / deselect all drum pads.
CTRL+X/C/V: Cut, Copy, Paste drum pad.
1-8: Select sample layer
SHIFT+1-8: Multi-select sample layer.
** After selecting a drum pad, delete will reset the drum pad.
** After selecting a sample, delete will remove any selected sample layers.

F2: Rename all selected drum pads.
F5: Show/hide the browser
F6: Toggle sample preview on/off.
F7: Toggle MIDI pad select on/off.

Where possible Poise uses native VST methods to receive hotkey events. However not all hosts send hotkeys to plugins. In some hosts Poise will use a low-level keyboard hook to monitor the keyboard directly. This setup is a little fragile and will occasionally break when VST hosts are updated. Please let me know if you notice any problems.


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