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[FIXED] Voice control settings

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz
Ram: 4GB
Reaper 5.05 pre2 x64
Cubase 8 pro x64
Grace x64
When I adjust a parameter in one Key Group it is also being changed in all other Key Groups.
If though, I copy Key Group 1 settings, change some parameters and then go to Key Group 2 and paste the previous settings I can have different settings. Also if I reset a parameter with ctrl+click it is being reset in one Key Group but stays untouched in the other Key Group (which I believe is the normal operation) also if I modulate one parameter it works correctly by not adding the modulation to the other Key Groups. It seems as if there is a Global option somewhere (which of course there is not) affecting my "click+drag" on a parameter.
Also I can see from some patches that I should be able to have different settings on each Key Group, which is also stated in the manual.

Not sure if it is a bug though, maybe I am doing something wrong...


Edit: I uninstalled and installed the version and everything seems to work normally so you can delete if you want or keep it for future reference.

Thank for this amazing sampler....

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Re: [FIXED] Voice control settings

Hi Kostovas,

Thanks for reporting the bug. It slipped into the 1.0.1 version. It's been fixed in the latest build.

Grace 32bit version

Grace 64bit version


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