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Last update crashing any host while scanning under Win XP Pro SP3

as on subject...
just installed...

Cubase SX3
Runtime error 216 at 1002871A

on Reaper instead the Runtime error 216 is at 034D871A and shut down the host as well

BTW is there somewhere an archive of past installers in the members pages?
i was already having some strange behaviour on the GUIs menus (not being able to access the menus on some hosts or even sometimes crashing it but since it happened when i was squeezing out things out the pc in terms of power i thought it was simply because of system overload more than Poise related) ..i realized it only in the last months, since everytime in the previous months i was mostly adding samples drag&dropping from outside the host, instead of loading a pre constructed kit...thats happening since version 1 1 54 or even 53 i think, but never crashed on the vst host scan so far..
more details coming ..sad to report that sad


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